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Dive Monkey and Scuba Q Store are proud to be the Australian distributors for Atlantis Dive Co. 

Since 2002, Atlantis have been dedicated to providing quality dive equipment to Divers at the best possible price. They have constantly tweaked their scuba gear designs, continually refined their manufacturing processes and have thoroughly tested every product in many diverse conditions including the extremes of Antarctica.

Today Atlantis are a leading dive brand offering hundreds of underwater products covering your every need, regardless of how you enjoy the amazing ocean. Atlantis have a stylish, quality solution for every piece of underwater technology you're likely to need.


"These Quest G10 gloves are awesome. Excellent quality, good looking and well produced. They were also the best value on the market, so you can imagine how happy I am. Thanks guys, I got the best gloves for the lowest price. Can't do better than that, 10/10."   - Ian, Auckland, New Zealand 

"Here at Dive Wananavu, we use Atlantis equipment for rental on a daily basis. Their BCD's and Regulators are well designed, simple to use for all experience levels and best of all, Atlantis gear stands up to the rugged use of a busy dive operation.  In addition, they are easily serviced by local staff when the occasional need arises."    
- Dive Wananavu, Wananavu Beach Resort, Fiji

"Just back from my first proper trip using my new Atlantis Icon BCD. Great, rugged, easy to use BCD. Seemed like everyone else was having issues with their gear except me! PS: Niue is a great dive and snorkel destination."     - Martin, Auckland

"I’ve tried all sorts of gloves out but without a doubt the best glove I’ve come across is the Atlantis Quest G10."  - Matt, Commercial Crayfish Diver

“Noticed our dive guide in Antarctica was using the Quest CB10, 5 pocket weight belt. I managed to borrow it for a couple of dives and wow – don’t under estimate the difference a comfortable weight belt makes especially when using a dry suit and needing the extra pounds. Much sturdier than other pocket belts I have seen. I ordered mine as soon as I got back home.” – Eric, U.S.A.

“We took along a couple of the Tech R60 regs to test them in Antarctica. On more than one occassion, we ended up having to lend them to divers who had their popular brand name regs fail in the cold conditions. We had these regs in minus 4 degree Celsius water at 20m dive after dive and they performed flawlessly. If you are after a cold water reg, these have certainly been proven in extreme conditions.” - Andrew, Polar Dive Guide.